Thursday, April 22, 2010

Digitel Internet Service Provider

I made a positive review about Digitel before, but now I am becoming upset with regard to their internet service. Honestly, I am really fed up with how they handle their customers. Here is my story :

We were using PLDT DSL before in our internet cafe, but because of high expenses paying internet bills we decided to switch to a much cheaper cost internet provider which is Digitel. In all fairness, for almost 2  months using it, we were not encountering any trouble, the speed of the internet is quite the same with what PLDT has except if the customers are playing online games; they were experiencing log or delays but it's still okay...we were able to maintain our regular customers. Until we reached our third month using the service, and up to by now, we begin to encounter internet disconnection up to 4 hours or worst 8 hours. We started getting in touch with their customer service but most of the time we were receiving no answers at all. We also tried visiting their branch office in Dasma but what they  can only do is to send a report to their technical department and asked us to wait for their technician to visit our internet cafe. Worst scenario, we needed to wait up to 24 hours for the technician to come.

I am no longer happy with Digitel internet, I have this same feeling during the time I was using PLDT DSL. However I can't just ask them to discontinue the service, this is because we have a 24 month contract bond. And come to think of it, what other internet providers can give exceptional service...PLDT? SMART? GLOBE? well, I guess none.I am just hoping that things will change and I am hoping it will be as soon as possible.



  1. Same experience sir dito po location ko sa Los Baños sa totoo lang nagkamali din ako sa pagpili sa digitel but the good news is anytime pwede na naman ako umalis sa kanila since natapos kuna yung contract, from my experience pagdating sa customer service sa digitel as in poor service talaga sila kailangan mahaba ang pasensya mo tulad ngayon since April-May 2010 madalakas kaming mawalan ng connection minsan nga inaabot pa ng isang araw sabi ko ok lang since vacation naman gawin na nila ang dapat ayusin, eto na ang ang bad news since last vacation 2010 until now June 22.2010 less than 100kbps ang connection na rerecieved ko pag hapon sobrang bagal talaga.

  2. hindi pa naman ako umabot sa ganyan, sana lang wag talaga, sobrang malaking epekto kasi sa kita pag mabagal ang internet connection. almost 1/4 of our regular customer already find other hubs near us na. Im trying to keep my customers but as much as I wanted to digitel is making it hard for me. hope na may pagbabago naman. thanks for your visit

  3. Same feeling here... I subscribe last 2008 and every other month may problema ang system nila... di lang yun, maingay ang phone nila, kung ulan, walang internet, kahit simpleng hangin lang wala na agad, Minsan, umabot ako ng 4k na bill, sabi ko sa CS nila, hindi ko babayadan yang bill ko hangang di naayos ang connection ko, positively, inayos naman, pero mga 1.5 month tumagal ang maligayang araw ko, until now bagal pa rin ng internet, parating may request time out. wala man lang perfect day na walang request time out... hinihintay ko lang magkaroon ng lines yung isang cable provider dito para switch na ako agad... and one thing more pala, yung technical team nila, kala mo kung sinong magaling! sinabi na nga na may sira ang model, di pa palitan, pupuntahan daw.... ang tanga naman nila, ginawa nilang bobo ang tao sa computer...

  4. Digitel connection sucks!!! They just cut off the service without any notice and their customer service reps do not know how to answer our inquiries. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND DIGITEL for an internet connection, be it personal and specially business. They do not have logistics on how to fix their connection problems plus the customer service number is having an error.


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