Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Soap That Can Whiten Your Skin - Is it C.Y Gabriel?

Original C.Y Gabriel, is this soap effective in whitening your skin?


Manufacture Name: C.Y Gabriel Commercial 

This soap is your gaurantee of the highest whitening beauty soap that whitens your skin easily and safely. The famous "C.Y. Gabriel" mark is your assurance of the finest and the most superior whitening preparation carefully formulated and processed by a group of chemists and medical scientists to suit the most delicate skin. All "C.Y. Gabriel" whitening beauty soap are compounded with the best whitening chemical ingredients imported from foreign countries, tested and proven all these years as the most superior in skin whitening. 

There are 10 variants of C.Y Gabriel whitening beauty soaps. They are Special, Special Green ( medicated), yellow papaya, green papaya, lemon, pure white, placenta, glutathione with mik extract, glutathione with citrus extract and kojic soap with Placenta and Glutathione.

The C.Y Gabriel Special Pink is recommended for those whose wish is just to whiten their skin. Ladies use it as their daily beauty aid to keep their skin fair, clear and beautiful all day.

The C.Y Gabriel Special Green ( Medicated) whitens your skin as well as removes pimple, freckles, blackheads, itches and other skin blemishes. It also has antiseptic ingredients yet safe on the delicate pores and opening of the skin.

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The C.Y Gabriel Yellow Papaya soaps contains Papaya Extract. Extract from Yellow Papaya is good source of Vits A and C and other  ingredients proven and tested in skin whitening and moisturizing to smoothen  the skin. It also regenerates and purifies the skin.

The C.Y Gabriel  Green Papaya soap contains papain. Papain is the enzyme found at its purest in unripe green papaya. Its most potent form is 100 times stronger than other forms of papain. The enzymatic activity of papain allows the renewal of upper layers of the epidermis since it represents a class of highly efficient molecules that have great potential as cosmetic active material. Papain helps remove dead skin cells by dissolving proteins without harming the living ones. It gets beneath the surface of the skin to clean and exfoliate, help dispel patches and pimples, cleans the face and promotes blood circulation, making the skin healthy and tender.

The C.Y Gabriel Lemon Soap contains lemon extract. Lemon is used by oriental women when they bath to whiten their skin and remove body odor. Lemon gives a smell of cleanliness and fresh sweetness, removes stains and discoloration on your skin.

The C.Y Gabriel Pure White Soap contains moisturizing and whitening agents proven and tested in whitening and moisturizing the skin thus prevents premature aging.

The C.Y Gabriel Placenta Soaps contains " Placentol" proven and tested in the skin care- revitalizes and regenerates tissue by increasing oxygen consumption of the cells and metabolic rate thus restoring the youthful, complexion, fresh and healthy skin.

The C.Y Gabriel Glutathione with Milk Extract- soap contains intramelanocytic glutathione (GSH) which plays important roles in the regulation of melanogenesis and milk extracts that moisturize our skin.

The C.Y Gabriel Glutathione with Citrus Extract - soap contains intramelanocytic glutathione and citrus extracts. It whitens, moisturizes and flourishes the skin.

The C.Y Gabriel Kojic soap with Placenta and Glutathione contains Kojic Acid, glutathione and Placenta which are widely known as effective skin whiteners, anti-oxidants and moisturizers. 

The C.Y Gabriel Beauty soaps are ideal for those who have been well exposed under the sun and with dark complexion. These will lighten their skin, making it smoother and clearer.

The C.Y Gabriel beauty soaps have skin food; they give you the glow of health, making your skin radiantly smooth and soft, beautifully refresh without those ugly blemishes that cause you many silent hearthaches and frustration.

Always have C.Y Gabriel beauty soaps on hand for you and your loved ones-- the stepping stone to beauty. Use C.Y Gabriel beauty soaps daily. Constant care and continuous use of C.Y Gabriel beauty soaps assure you of a fairer, whiter, softer and glorious complexion. These amazing beauty soaps are available in the market today.

Directions For Use:

Never use C.Y Gabriel whitening beauty soaps directly on your skin. Always use a face towel. On your wet face towel, rub the cake of C.Y Gabriel then apply this creamy towel over your face, ears, neck and arms. Rub thoroughly for a few minutes until C.Y Gabriel cream has pentrated deep into the skin. Then rinse well with water. Over heavily blemished and darkened skin, rub for five minutes before rinsing with water. Sunburns are easily removed with one treatment of C.y Gabriel rubbed gently and thoroughly over sunburned skin. One application of C.Y Gabriel makes your skin whiter, smoother, fairer and lovelier than ever before. 

Are you convince by what the manufacturer said to their own brand? Well, it is much better for you to see a review from a consumer who tried this whitening soap. Is C.Y Gabriel effective as a whitening soap or not? 


Well, I was able to interview my mom about her using C.Y Gabriel ( Medicated Soap). She used C.Y Gabriel for three months only. Reason why she stopped using it is that she didn't see any improvement on her skin. It never whitens. The only good thing about C.Y is that it is one of the cheapest beauty and whitening soap in the market today. You can buy a 60 gram for only 18 pesos. So I think it will not harm your budget if you will try. But don't expect an overnight result. 

If you have personal experience on using C.Y Gabriel, feel free to comment below this post. Maybe you can prove to us that this soap can really whiten any type of skin.


  1. i've been using cy gabriel soap for more than five years but since the first time i use this soap i have notice my skin become whiter in just four weeks and my pimples are slowy fading as well as my dark spots. while using on this soap, it needs time and effort as well a your patience to see the result. all you have to do is trust your soap partner believe me you'll see the big difference and improvement in yourself that will lead you choose a perfect soap for lifetime.

  2. I already used this product cy gabriel its effevtive you know what? My pimples in my back its all gone and it also whiten my skin even without lotion my skin is glowing and wite I love this product thank you cy gabriel

  3. This soap cleared my acne-prone skin. Dati tadtad ako ng pimples, ngayon 1-2 na lang pag may period. Pasok pa sa budget :)
    Love ko ang CY Gabriel soap ♡.

  4. I like CY Gabriel soap ♡. I use cy gabriel green papaya bleaching soap.thankyou Cy♡♥♡.