Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What Can I Say About Unisilver Watch ?

I received a Unisilver Watch from my bestfriend. He said that he bought the watch in Robinson's Place Imus. Funny that I also planned to give him a Unisilver watch but I changed my plan by buying him a Super Woofer speaker for his pc. I knew the price of a Unisilver Watch, it is 1,500.00 pesos. It's very elegant in silver and rounded analogue design. It's really perfect for me.

I used a Skechers watch before, but I stopped using it because the leather band was already worned out. Although the cost of a Unisilver Watch is cheaper than the Skechers Watch that I bought I still prefer to used it not only because it's a gift from a friend but also because it's very durable and easy to wear. The silver colour is not fading and if it does, Unisilver also offers a lifetime of free cleaning and repair aside from the 1 year warranty. 

If you will visit their branch in Robinson's Place Imus you will be amaze in all of the products they offer. They offer watches for kids and adults at affordable price yet all are uniquely designed and high in quality. Imagine my Unisilver Watch is still working in good condition for almost one year.

Unisilver Watch has many branches in the Philippines, nearest me is the one located in the 2nd floor of Robinson's Imus. Aside from the good product, Unisilver Watch Shop has a good customer service, you will not get intimidated to their saleslady because they are friendly and accomodating.

So there, I hope that you can visit them. A Unisilver Watch is a nice gift for your love ones.



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