Monday, May 31, 2010

Ming's Pei Pa Koa Candies

I tried this Ming's Pei Pa Koa candies when I was still working as a local fm d.j in our province. Our station manager see to it that there are Pei Pa Koa candies available for us. She used to purchase a bag of Pei Pa Koa at Aurora, a chinese drugstore in front of FRC Mall Imus.  What about this candy? This is not just a candy actually because it also serves as a herbal medicine for sore throats. And this is only available in chinese drugstores so rarely you can see this in leading supermarkets.

The Ming's Pei Pa Koa candies taste so sweet and it really melts in the mouth. It has no awful taste of a medicine like other candies with medicinal effect and it smells so appealing. It brings cool sensation inside my mouth and that is what I like about this candy. When I start to love this candy, I see improvements in my voice quality. My voice seems okay even after a long hour talk. This candy really works wonderfully. A bag of Pei Pa Koa candy is pricey but if you think of the benefits, I can say that its worth spending your money for it. 

Pei Pa Koa candy is a herbal candy and based on my experience, it has no side effects. There is so much of bad remarks about chinese medicine nowadays but I can say that Pei Pa Koa is an exception. It only brings goodness and effectiveness. I highly recommend it. 

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  1. i was searching for ming's pei pa koa website to complain a serious quality issue about their candies--i found a staple wire inside one of the candies that i was eating! would you know where to lodge this complaint? it's serious if you have a wire in your stomach no matter how small it is (it's even dangerous if it's small) because that wire can lodge in your intestines and cause serious infection. hope to get their attention.

  2. I tried it when i have a cough and cold....i tried this and became better.

  3. I just started trying this candy and I guess it really relaxes my throat and I don't know if it's just psychological but I think I did gain some confidence that my voice will be good when I sing :D

  4. when i know I'm starting to have a cough or sore throat and the like, it always been Pei Pa Koa..
    it really helps..

  5. Where can I buy it?

  6. these candies have no therapeutic claims, where 'as they were tried out, but still do not cure, or healing for some people, e.g. (foreign Filipino's)they can work well on younger people, but not older