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Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

These are reviews about the Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, a dietary supplement. These reviews are writen by actual consumers and Amazon verified purchasers. You can read these reviews and make it as your guide whether to buy this product or just save your money for a different brand.

The Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil currently has 4.8 out of 5 star rating and reviewed by 2,453 Amazon customers. Here are some of the reviews.

Consumer  A 

I requested this Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to use as a lotion all over as my skin is extremely touchy. I was searching for a regular and economical item and this seemed like a great thing to attempt. I have been exceptionally content with it. I blend a little bit of 100% Pure Sweet Almond Oil - 16 oz and put it all over in the wake of showering.

It feels magnificent and leaves my skin feeling smooth throughout the day. I use to have extremely dry skin and might break out with the most detrimental possibility of pimple inflamation practically on a week by week event. The almond and coconut oil have been astonishing. There are ton of different utilization for them too.

I used the Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil within the shower once in a while as well. It has a superbly light coconut smell and leaves my hair adapted and saturated without any development. It flushes effortlessly and gives my hair that additional bounce. I will continue searching for more uses for these oils, I could go on perpetually how extraordinary they are however I won't! Rather I'll simply say for what I've utilized them for as such, they've been recently extraordinary!

Consumer B 

I needed to go for this Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for the "skin/hair forethought" side of it, however this item is pure enough that a bit in my soup or skillet makes a decent nutty fragrance and mellow taste - better than average in this coconut curry soup I consume.

That said, I brought the jug into my lavatory to keep it there rather than for cooking (I'll buy another for the kitchen). The one negative I have with this item for skin is that its so thick and hard, I truly need to delve in there to get a bit; on the other hand, once its in the palm of my hand, the warmth of my skin liquefies it rapidly. It can feel somewhat overwhelming and oily from the start, and the fragrance of coconut makes me consider cooking and not a cosmetic product. However I blended it with a tad bit of my standard hand/body moisturizer and that was the ticket - it smoothed on my skin pleasantly and made a sort of "sheen" like those starlets have on their skin as they walk celebrity lane with a lifeless smile. Blending it toned down the coconut fragrance, as well.

I did smooth it all over, straight, and it did retain rapidly, and the aroma of coconuts wasn't so solid after a couple of minutes. I have marginally touchy skin with a little rosacea and the item didn't break me out or bother my skin.

Consumer C 

I utilize a ton of additional virgin coconut oil, so much that I generally purchase the Nutiva 2-pack of 54-ounce containers. I attempted Vitacost's and didn't like it to the extent that Nutiva, so I've remain faithful to the Nutiva and truly had not wanted to switch brands. When I was offered the open door to try the Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, I concurred yet was far fetched I was going to be affected.

That being said, given me a chance to let you know, when I opened up this coconut oil, I was astounded at the contrast. This is an additional virgin coconut oil I could really envision myself taking by the tablespoonful, as was proposed by a few well-being books my sister imparted to me for individuals experiencing candida albicans contaminations. I've utilized my Nutiva for popping popcorn, cooking, and for healthy skin, however now I'm supposing I'll simply use up the Nutiva for browning and go straight for the Viva Labs form for everything else. There's simply no challenge.

An extraordinary utilization for this Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil  is as a margarine reinstatement on toast. My Nutiva spreads and melts like a margarines that take quite a while to liquefy; the Viva Labs spreads like mollified spread and melts like a dream.

Value shrewd, I've been using about 47 pennies an ounce for the Nutiva when I purchase it in the huge mass pack. I was believing that, at very nearly 62 pennies an ounce for the 15-ounce holder, the Viva Labs was more unmanageable despite the fact that I'd need to say its worth the trouble. Yet when I went to cost out a percentage of the other Nutiva items, they ran as much for every ounce if not more than the Viva Labs item.

This product is impressive and I'll switch brand indeed.

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