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Neutrogena Men

Here are the reviews from the actual consumers who have tried or currently using the Neutrogena Men. So if you are looking for this product as a facial care partner, you may want to check out these reviews first before buying it.

Reviews from Amazon Buyers:

Consumer A

I infrequently offer reviews unless the item is great or awful, however this is totally sublime.

I'm a 52 ear old male with slick skin with some moderate pimple inflamation scarring and uneven tone in a few spots. I never washed my face without taking into consideration use creams or different items.

We'll, in the wake of rejoining the dating scene and having discovered someone I truly like, I chose to capitalize on what I have along these lines purchased various magnificence products.for my face. All that I can say is that these items can have a tremendous effect in enhancing your appearance.

For facial wash I utilize J and J Purpose every morning and L'oreal 360 apricot exfoliator during the evening. In the wake of washing am and pm I apply the neutrogena. I likewise utilize Olay's Regenrist microdermabrasionol once a week.

After about two weeks of steady utilize I can sincerely say that my skin looks much healthier with all the more even tone, better rosier shade, less detectable scarring, and significantly clearer skin under my eyes. Genuinely in the wake of washing I look OK however when I apply this cream my skin looks alive and brilliant. Completely an inexplicable occurrence.

I don't known why I was such a Neanderthal before yet now I can genuinely validate the need for men to utilize these items to look their best. The motivation came to win over a lady however now its for me. Looking better simply greatly improves the situation.

Nothing is for everybody, however this item is out and out a marvel specialist. Furthermore no, I am not subsidiary at all with the producer.

Try it out. Much better than the nivea facial cleanser ointment. Best fifteen bucks I ever used.

Consumer B

Give me a chance to begin by surveying the item itself. Full exposure: I am without a doubt not a face wash devotee. I've never discovered a face wash that I felt was far better than the rest, and I don't surmise that this one is especially uncommon. In any case I have discovered face washes that were unmistakably substandard to the rest, and I have discovered face washes that were incredibly overpriced. The uplifting news is that this item is none, of these overpriced (in any event on Amazon) nor subpar.

Here's the summary:

Aroma: an uniquely manly smell that is new however not overcompensated (this is NOT Brut).

Surface: elusive gel that works into a dainty foam as you clean.

Amount: a penny-size touch will deal with your face; this means the item ought to last a few months.

Completion: leaves skin feeling without oil smooth, and maybe a bit dry, contingent upon your skin sort.

Bundling: compartment is steady and simple to utilize; the plastic is solid enough that the top shouldn't break off.

For the Neutrogena Men alone, I'd give 4.5 stars. Accomplishes the occupation. Can't request substantially all the more in a face wash.

As such, so great. However here's the (potential) get: as a consequence of lacking bundling on Amazon's end, mine arrived squashed, with something like 25 percent of its substance hopelessly lost. I didn't try to furnish a proportional payback (how would you deliver a huge wet wreckage once more to Amazon), however I did give input to Amazon about the bundling issue. Surely they will resolve this issue so we can purchase with more excellent certainty.

Consumer C

I like dozing with a clean face in light of the fact that your face gets slick and grabs a ton of soil throughout the day and I don't prefer the prospect of wiping all that stuff off on to my cushion when I rest.

I don't utilize cleanser on the grounds that it drys up your face so I attempted this.

1) I like the tube on the grounds that its not difficult to utilize.

2) Cleans pleasantly and doesn't leave your face dry.

3) I generally don't prefer solid scented stuff however now and then you simply require some aroma to conceal grouped odors you get throughout the day.

I prescribe this basically in view of 2), i.e. it doesn't become your face scarce yet at the same time cleans pleasantly.

Current Rating for Neutrogena Men is 4.5 stars out of 302 purchasers from ( as of this writing)
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