Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cherry Mobile Cherry Pad Advance 7" Android 4.0 8GB

Looking for a new tablet on the go? Here's the wi-fi enabled Cherry Mobile Cherry Pad Advance 7" Android tablet

Put the energy of technological advancement in your arms with the new Cherry Pad Advance. This product is loaded with a lot of functions you need that suit your modern lifestyle. Browse the world wide web, appreciate multi-media, and other electronic details. Innovation and style cheaply, you surely want to have the energy in your arms.

Capacitive Show. The Cherry Pad  has a 7-inch display so you can appreciate watching all the functions of your product. The capacitive contact board allows you appreciate everything that life has to offer.

Android Technology. Running on Android 4.0 OS with improved interface, you'll get all the excitement of enjoyment from one application to another. With many programs, the Android OS Market has the right programs for you.

Picture-perfect minutes. Those valuable minutes should always be remembered; take images with Cherry Pad Advance's 2MP camera. Discuss your experiences with everyone in a vibrant, electronic globe.

Share and Link. The globe is right at your convenience. Browse the world wide web, check your email, upgrade your position on social networking sites, and get connected to the globe with its Wi-Fi ready feature.

It has incorporated Wireless technological advancement that allows you share images, songs, video clips, and other electronic details with other devices and to your friends as well.

Save it all. The Cherry Pad Enhance has an 8GB storage space and facilitates up to 32GB of extended storage so you can store images, songs, video clips, games, and programs. Preserve everything you need and fulfill your mobile experience.


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