Monday, July 8, 2013

Glad To Be Globe - I'm in Love

I was so desperate then to move on. It was so hard but I need to. My friends told me that the only way to forget him is to end our connections. That means, I need to delete and block him on facebook, change my sim card so that I will have no way to chat, text or call him.

So I did, everything of me was changed last year. I bought a new Globe sim and start having connections with new set of acquaintances and friends that easy. Other than that, I also got a new haircut and an ear pierce.  I can say that, physically I changed - from how I wear my outfit to how I mingle with people. And I can say that  I am completely move on.

But the challenge for me is how can I face this new me without falling in love again? How can I trust to love someone when I had too much heartache from my past relationship. Is this still part of the move on process? To stop loving and become a single forever? To believe other people saying, that Love does not really exists to people like me.

2 months ago, don't remember the exact date but It was that  day when I received a text from an anonymous Globe number and said that he got my number from a social networking site and so serious to know me better and want to start a relationship with me.

At first, for me It was a laughable idea, to start a new relationship to a person that I only know from that text invite. But because, I want to start a new me, loving a new somebody... I tried or should I say, I gambled.

I text him back and said: Sure, Can we meet? 
Just a few seconds, I received his quick reply: Yes, I would love to see you in person. 

And then, I decided to travel 2 hours just to see who is this person who would love to have a serious relationship with me. I was not that nervous. Maybe I just had the feeling that If I will not gamble to see this person, I will lose a chance to feel in love again.

After 2 Hours of travel, traffic jam, and a humid day. Finally, I arrived in our meeting place and meet the guy that I only know from his simple hi and hello text to my Globe number. He was 5 minutes early. I saw him then I stepped closer to him and saw him face to face.

The spark, the magic, the attraction - I'ts all there...I felt it. And when he smiled at me and said: Hi, I'm Noel. OMG! I said to myself...This is it.

2 months after that first meeting. Yes, I have Noel in my life now and we are happy together as a young couple. Glad to be Globe, because without TEXTING ( this way of communicating ) Maybe I'm still stuck in a life without Noel - a guy who loves me, Marvin - who happens to be a guy too. #bromance

SWEET GLOBE TEXT CONVERSATION ( of Noel and Me; First Monthsary)

Real Unlimited Call with Noel 
( Globe to Globe - No Cuts and Smooth Signal - Real Unli- call Experience) 

Glad to be Globe - I'm in love :)

This is my offical entry to Nuffnang Glad to be Globe Contest. Thank you.


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