Thursday, July 11, 2013

BOSE QuietComfort

I reviewed the two brands that I used before and I notice the big difference of them, before I used BOSE, the first brand I been enjoying in music listening was Beats by DR, Dre. It has a clear audio delivery and incomes in vocals and high range of music this brand is acceptable good especially on bass delivery- a massive bass that pumps out my ear drum out of my head. As I continuing listening music with this brand it is still cool and I can even wear it with confidence when I’m in transit or even in home all the day. It has flat-free-tangled cables that can avoid tangling of wires when I pick it out from my bag. This brand also offers three different sizes of ear buds, from small, medium, and large and it also has a carrying case but not sufficient to protect my headphones from damaged when its in my bag or if I just put it on my pocket. Back in the music delivery, Beats by DR, Dre is expensive.

As the time of continuing using with this brand I feel this headphone is not good enough to deliver the right sound when I select the genre of music like metal rock or even just a pop music, the transducers inside of this headphone can’t handled the loudness and because it was designed to deliver a massive bass, it cannot handled properly the equality of low range, middle range, and high range of tonal balance of music.

Sometimes delivering of music is impaired with other range especially on high range, just clear before the first use my ear does not noticed the absence of tonal balance. It’s just a headphone of art and right amount of technology. So I decided to switch with a new brand incomes of music and technology, I went to a mall here and I saw this brand with its discreet designs. BOSE! Along with there slogan, “Better sound through research”. I brought one of there headphones, the BOSE QuiteComfort® this series of headphone fills with technology for music, comfortability, durability and overall quality. Let’s talk first the audio quality of this brand. BOSE has known for its natural sound, from there cube sized vocal speakers to its Acoustimass® bass module all of those audio system covered with detailed technology to produce the right tonal balance. The QuiteComfort headphone is made with materials that offer the quality of device to quality of sound. Inside the headphone- Transducers, with this proprietary designed speaker comes with a technology to produce the right tonal balance of sound. The TriPort® transducer, this speaker applies and engineered with technology to avoid the stress and missed hit of every tone of sound. If you differentiate BOSE with other brand this brand is pioneered in sound proprietary. Continuing the TriPort®, at the back of the speaker is only has three beam that holds the boron magnet on its place.

Voice coil of BOSE is designed to the received the full amount of signals coming from the source and the boron magnet helps the coil to process the amount magnetism to hit the right tone of every detailed sound that conventional headphone does not. Associated with BOSE noise reduction technology helps the listeners to listen with there desired music and movie without the unwanted ambient noise, in this technology BOSE applies propetary technology to process together the music and the ambient noise to put out the equality of noise reduction up to 75% with additional, the ear cushioning of BOSE specially selected a soft, high quality of leather that can also block ambient nose, overall, I hear and listens music with a soft and pure tonal balance.

The headband of this well known brand invested with technology to produce durability and compotation for long time of music listening. On the middle top part of this headband constructed with synthetic leather and inner foam for comfortability. Let’s go down on its diaphragm, this part of headphone is made of joint, I can rotate the headphone up to 180% without moving the headband and can also helps to put into place vary to different ear position, also comes with collapsible designed to easy storage when time of starvation of headphone on its hard carrying case giving protection to my headphone. Also BOSE has detachable cables for the right length of cord for the user want to use, from six inches and up to two meters of length.

Overall, the BOSE has the advance technology when it comes of sound engineering for the long lasting usage of their headphones that can be use approximately up to eight years. Not only to their headphones but also to their home theatres and outdoor speakers are concentrated with advanced technology. As my conclusion to my review for these two brands BOSE has excellent quality for music and durability and for the first one, it has an acceptable quality but it is important to enhance the ability to have the technology-art relationship.


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