Saturday, June 9, 2012



Product Information: Ovaltine is a chocolate drink that has a high source of Iodine,Iron,Folic Acid and Zinc. Enjoy Ovaltine's delicious choco taste which more kids will surely love. Now with 45% more malt.

Ingredients: Sugar, malt extract, glucose, whey powder, cocoa, vegetable oil, coconut oil, milk solids, vanillin, vitamins, and minerals.

Formula: Mix 3 or more heaping teaspoons of Ovaltine in a glass of hot or cold water. Add milk and sugar as desired.

Manufactured by: AB Food and Beverages (Thailand) Ltd.
Suggested Retail Price: 52.00 pesos/ 260g


  1. When you don't like a cup of coffee and tea. Ovaltine is a good replacement.
  2. No need to add sugar or milk as it tastes great by itself.
  3. You can enjoy the choco flavor hot or cold
  4. The price is affordable compare to other chocolate brand
  5. Fortified and accepted by the Department of Health Philippines


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