Monday, February 27, 2012


PIKNIK Shoestrings made with Real Honey
Honey Mustard Flavor
Real Potato Crisps
Papitas Fritas

Product Info
as seen in the packaging

For over sixty years, Pik-Nik has been making the highest quality, best tasting crunchy-licious potato snacks in the world! We quickly fry our fresh, unique, shoestring potatoes in 100% pure vegetable oil and then season them with a delicious and authentic honey mustard flavoring. They are immediately packed in our stay-fresh reclosavle canisters. This ensures a crisp, crunchy texture and a superb fresh-fried potato taste.

Ingredients: potatoes, pure vegetable oil (containes one or more of the following: corn oil, cottonseed oil, partially hydrogenated soybean oil), sugar, honey powder (Honey,Maltodextrin), salt, dextrose, salad mustard powder (salad style mustard), distilled vinegar, mustard seed, salt, turmeric, maltodectrin, modified food starch, natural flavor, spice, vinegar powder,onion and garlic powder, malic acid, natural flavor, citric acid, extractives of turmeric.

Distributed By: Pik-Nik Foods USA

Personal Review: Awesome crunchy and real potato crisps. Best to eat while having a movie marathon at home. Don't forget to partner it with a soda drink. Yummy potato experience!  Very affordable.

Rating: 10/10


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