Monday, February 27, 2012

Green Cross Isopropyl Alcohol 150ml

Green Cross Isopropyl Alcohol 150ml
70% Solution Anti Disinfectant
Hypoallergenic with Moisturizer
Manufactured by: Green Cross Incorporated
Green Cross 70% Solution

Product Info
as seen in the packaging

Formulation: Each 100 ml contains 70 ml Isopropyl Alcohol and Moisturizer.

Application: For disinfection, sterilization, relief of  prickly heat, insect bites, hygienic purposes, after shave and general antiseptic. For use in the hospital or sickroom as a rubdown or for general massage purposes.

Directions: Pour on hands or use cotton and rub liberally on skin.

Precautions: Do not swallow or use near eyes. For children, use under adult supervision.Keep tightly closed and store at temperature not exceeding 30 C.

Personal Review: I love the scent compare to other brands. Affordable.
Rating: 10/10


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