Monday, May 16, 2011

Vera 7 Nutri Goji

This is my personal review about the Nutri Goji of Vera 7.

The Nutri Goji comes in 30 capsules, 500 mg and 100% natural goji extract. Price is 750 pesos for non members and 375.00 pesos for non members. If you want to buy one or want to be a distributor, contact this number 09325242754.

Supplemental Facts:

Each capsule contains 100% wolfberry fruit extract w/ 40% polysaccharides. It is recommendable to take 2-3 capsules per day.

The Goji berry (wolf berry) contains many beneficial active ingredients including anti-oxidant, amino acids and vitamins. It also contains unique polysaccharides that act as "master molecule" in the body and work together in a synergetic effect.


100% Wolfberry fruit extract
Bioactive polysachharides are the complex carbohydrates. The essential sugar necessary for proper immune function and the smooth functioning of virtually every cell in the entire body.


It improves memory
Good aid for digestion
It reduces the anxiety and stress
It promotes better sleep
It helps maintain normal blood pressure and good cholesterol level

Prevention and Cure:

- Diabetes
- Stroke
- Hemmorhoid (almoranas)
- U.T.I
- Morning Sickness
- Allergies
- Hair Loss
- Heart Attack
- Glaucoma
- Weight Loss
and more.


In my 2nd week of taking the capsule I already feel its good effect. I always have better sleep and feels no stress. In three weeks, my blood pressure is normalized. I am continuously taking the capsule to help me in losing weight.


Only in my first week taking the capsule, I experienced dizziness and low bowel movements.

My ratings for Vera 7 Nutri Goji is 9/10.
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