Friday, May 20, 2011

Flashlight Earpick

The Flashlight Earpick is made from China. The battery and three types of transparent accessories are included. Accessories are thin earpick,thick earpick and a tweezers with diffent functionality and can be easily replace.

Instructions on how to use the Flashlight Earpick (as shown at the back of the cover)

1. Switch on before use so the accessory attached to it will illuminate.
2. Two types of earpicks, thin and thick are available for different ear hole sizes of adults and children.
3. The tweezers is equipped to catch big ear wax.
4. After dismounting accessory, it can be used as a torch.
5. If the accessories are not used for a long period, store them in the tube at the end of the earpick which should be covered with a lid.
6. Take-out the battery in case battery leakage damaging the product.
7.This product uses AA battery, open the lid when replacing the battery.

Personal Review:
It is easy to use and a good alternative to cotton buds. But the quality of the materials use to create this flashlight earpick is obviously at low standard. See it for yourself.



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