Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Filipinos Can Earn From

I just want to share my first payment proof from Here it is:

So if you are a filipino looking for money making opportunities online, this is one of the free and legitimate affiliate programs you can join on the web that obviously pays even while you're here in the Philippines. Once you earn, you can withdraw your earnings using From you can cashout using bank transfer or preferably Union Bank Eon Visa Card.

In you have three ways to earn:

1. Sell your own products and give commissions to affiliates. You can earn instant payment once there is a confirmed buyer. Products you can sell here are ebooks,softwares,membership sites and other digital downloads.

2. Be an affiliate and earn commission from sellers. As an affiliate, your task is to promote products on the web. You can promote as many products as you can.

3. Simply refer friends to join click2sell and earn a percentage of their commission. You can possibly earn residual income per month.

Personal Review:
I am new to the program and I find  it worth to continue promoting this website since it pays on time. You've seen my little payment proof enough to show you how legitimate it is. I know, I can earn more from click2sell this year. Just thinking positive here.

I have no bad comment about it aside from the fact that some of the sellers in its marketplace are selling scam products. So be careful in choosing what program you have to promote.