Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pinoy Pao

Still looking for extra income or a full time business? Here's another suggestion, the Pinoy Pao. This is one of the highest earner food cart of Filtrepreneur. You don't need a big amount of capital to franchise this food cart, you can take it for as low as 26,888 pesos.

No royalty fees, no quota and no hidden charges. Inclusive of:

  1. 1 collapsible cart with signage
  2. 1 electric streamer
  3. 1 cooking utensil
  4. 1 set uniform ( t shirt and apron )
  5. Initial food products

Its in-demand dimsum products like siomai and siopao can give you the return of investment in a short period of time, 2-3 months possible.

Fact is, Filipinos are a big fan of dimsum products the reason why it is one of the most profitable food business nowadays. I am one of those fans! I remember the days when I am still a call center agent in Manila, before I go home, I see to it that I will buy siopao of Pinoy Pao as my merienda and pasalubong to my mom and siblings. I just love the taste and the affordability.

The Pinoy Pao Food Cart

The Pricelist

Why choose Pinoy Pao over the other high end food cart in the market or its competitor? See the evidence in this picture taken in farmer's cubao:

Yes, the answer is because Pinoy Pao food cart offers affordable dimsum food products but without compromising the quality. Customers just love the taste, the price and the good customer service of Pinoy Pao.

So if you are a first time entrepreneur, why choose to invest big amount of money if you can have it for only 26,888.00 pesos. This is the reason why Pinoy Pao food cart is so successful.

The good thing about Filtrepreneur, the company behind Pinoy Pao is that they provide access to free trainings and seminar for all the franchisee so you can maintain the profitability of the business you are venturing into.

Want to know more how to franchise Pinoy Pao?  Just text me to schedule for an appointment in our office in GreenHills, 09325242754 MARVIN. 

Pinoy Pao! Better get one now, you may never know, this might be the business you've been waiting for. See you soon. 


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