Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Don't have a job? Or you have a job but is not enough to pay for the household bills. Perhaps, Filtrepreneur is the opportunity you are looking for.

Who is Filtrepreneur? What is it? And what it can do for you? 

If you have seen some food carts around Metro Manila or to our provinces such as Pinoy Pao, Icy Pink Ice Scramble, Emperor's Siomai, Red Bowl Toppings, O'noodle, Jack's Eatables etc. The company behind the success of these food carts is Filtrepreneur. Yes, they are back-up with this big name in food franchising business.

And because Filtrepreneur wants every filipino reach their dreams- house and lot, car, residual income. Its food cart franchising business is designed for every typical filipino who wants to be an entrepreneur but has a tight budget to have one. Yes, you are thinking right! All these food cart franchises have a minimal capital to start with with no royalty fees, gauranteed no hidden charges and quota.

Their food cart franchise fee is ranging from 26,888.00 pesos to 42,888.00 pesos. Very small compare to its competitors. And even more popular. Take a look at this photo:



There has been a report from  24 oras, a popular news program in the Philippines that Food Industry will still be the best business to start for 2011. And it'll always be as food is the basic necessity for everyone. Food is what people are needing for everyday. Eating is what filipinos love to do while watching in the movie haus or a tv at home, while driving, while walking in the street, while chatting with friends, and more.  So you can always have customers, everyday! Therefore return of investment is fast and big profit is achievable.

How To Franchise in Filtrepreneur? 

The steps are easy to follow if you are really interested to start a franchise business but you should be guided by a franchise consultant to start with. Set up an appointment now.

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Reality bites

Finding a full time job nowadays is really tough, it is getting harder. So come to think of it, it maybe the best time for you to be your own boss. No fixed salary...only but overflowing income. No bundy clock to punch in...only but earning at your own time. 

Having a food cart franchise here in the Philippines is a good start. Small capital, easy to follow process, easy to operate and indeed achievable residual income. What more can you ask for? Undeniably, Filtrepreneur can help you achieve all your dreams...Act now!


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