Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yumpanada, the first thing that popped up in my mind after seeing this kiosk is delicious empanada. And believe me, when I got a chance to taste their goodies, my golly! it's really yummy.

a blurry shot of the empanada
It is amazing to know that a small piece of yumpanada only costs 5 pesos. Big ones, if I remember it right, costs less than 20 pesos. Variety of flavors are available; chicken, beef adobo, ham and cheese and my favorite among those, the spicy tuna empanada. And wow! hot sauce are available so you can double the chilly flavor. You can't say no with this empanadas.

the yummy empanada of Yumpanada

Did You Know?
"That the word empanada means empanar, meaning to wrap in bread." - wikipedia

I also had a chance to take a snapshot photo of how this Yummy empanadas cooked in a big frying pan. The food attendant made me sure that their empanadas prepared 100% gold standard. Two thumbs up for that.

So if you are a fanatic of this classic pinoy goodies, better try the quality empanadas of Yumpanada. If you are here in Cavite, you can find the kiosk inside WalterMart Dasma.

My Review Ratings 9/10

Presentation - Nice packaging if you buy a dozen, not that presentable if you buy a solo of the mini size. I hate plastic pack really. 
Taste - Tasteful, once you melt it in your mouth,  you can really say that this is the real empanada.
Quality - cook well and served warm.
Quantity and Pricing - not pricey, with their 5 peso mini emapanada, it is enough to satisfy your food cravings. Why not?

How about you? Have you tried the empanada of Yumpanada? Share your reviews using the comment box below.

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