Sunday, August 8, 2010

Infolinks Dream On

Let this wacky face describes what I feel the last time I checked my infolinks earnings. It drives me like crazy!

photo of my young sibling
Quite a small penny. Far from the minimum payout...but it totally rocks my wonderful world. I see that my earnings are improving day by day as I enjoy blogging!blogging!blogging! Every cents that add in my Infolinks earnings make me feel that I am already a certified pro blogger...(am I kidding?). Well, this is one thing about Infolinks that makes me feel happy.

Good News Clickmarbin!

You received a positive comment from Infolinks. You aren't dreaming...yep!it's true...sarah is the lovely name.

This proves that Infolinks is very supportive to all the bloggers whether your a newbie or a pro. It isn't just a website, Infolinks has a heart, indeed a company managed by humble individuals ready to help and inspire you to continue blogging. This is another thing about Infolinks that makes me feel happy.


Another thing that Infolinks makes me feel happy, I won their Infolinks Review A Site Contest... a cute hat with Infolinks logo printed on it is my prize. Love it ;)

What About Infolinks?
can you give me a quick overview about this website Clickmarbin?

You bet! Infolinks gives us a chance to earn money from their sponsors. In return, we will help these advertisers get seen on the web. And how can we do it? See some dotted hyperlinks in this post or anywhere on this blog? Its infolinks' way of promoting their sponsors and this is called the in-text advertising. 

So you are convince that Infolinks can really make everyone happy?

I know you are and fact're aren't alone. Aside from you and me, here are some of the people who continuously enjoying Infolinks services and their positive response from bloggers who are using it.

" Infolinks are very real and they do pay" - Paul B of

" I find Infolinks pays a little bit more than the A? program" - Timon Weller of

" Infolinks is 100% real and they are always paying on time" - Mansoor of

See this cute video about Infolinks
You'll never get bored promise

Infolinks Contest and Freebies
Dream On!

Another thing about Infolinks that makes me feel happy is the contest and giveaways. I admit, I missed a lot of their great contests in the past since I am not yet aware that Infolinks has this kind of motivation for bloggers. But I promise myself to join in every contest that they will make in the future. In fact, this post is my official entry to their latest contest : The Infolinks Dream On

Now, I will never miss any of the latest buzz about infolinks because I already LIKE their Facebook Fan Page. And did I say that infolinks has tweeter too? Infolinks has. Cool? I know right.

What can Infolinks do to make me happy? 
How about making me really, really happy? 

Nice! Infolinks gives me and every bloggers a chance to dream big...really really big. A dream that can make us really really happy. Wish ko lang ( tagalog slang for how I wish? )  I could make my mom and dad happy by giving them a chance to have at least a one-week vacation to some of the beautiful places in the United States ( like California, New York, Florida or Nevada ), any other Asian Countries ( like Singapore, Thailand or Malaysia) or any of the tourist spots here in the Philippines ( like Davao, Cebu or Palawan )

What's the reason behind this? These past few months, I admit that I gave them a bunch of problems about my career and some financial difficulties as well. So I guess, this time I should reward them for being the kindest and helpful parent in the Universe.

my cool mom and hardworking dad
Memories should be recorded, so I think they also deserve to have a user-friendly Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T50 to capture their photos of them together while enjoying their travel.

Might as well, give them a Sony VAIO CR390EER Laptop, so they can upload the pictures in Facebook while they are having a breakfast inside a coffee shop.

Yes, it is true that their happiness is also my happiness. If this dream will come true to life, this will be my greatest way to express my love and affection to my ever-supportive parents.
Can Infolinks be a fairy to make this dream come true? I hope so. But for now, I need to wake up from this dream for a moment and face the present reality of my life.

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