Friday, July 23, 2010

Marky's Pilipit

Another food delight in the Philippines is Pilipit or twisted bread, it is very hard to grind but it is the essence why you should try this one. The crunchier the better. It is a sweet bread, and sometimes can be a good partner for breakfast or snack time. This is actually very rare to see in a regular store but gladly one time I was able to buy one in a mini grocery near my place, the twisted bread has a brand name, it is Marky's.

The taste of Marky's is quite good, the real taste of the Pilipit is there, yummy and sweet. Let me tell you how I enjoyed eating its twisted breads. I bought a choco sundae at a fast food chain and slightly dunk the twisted bread. It's a little bit odd, but doing it will make your eating of Pilipit more enticing to your appetite. I am just glad that despite of the high demand for imported goods in the Philippines, there are still companies that continuously supporting filipino products. Like this Pilipit by Marky's. And another good thing is, the price is really cheap and everybody who loves Pilipit will surely can afford to buy the brand.

Eat Marky's Pilipit when your stomach is grumbling , it will be enough to stop your starving quite a bit. Bring it in your backpack whenever you have an out of town, Pilipit is a good treat while traveling for long hours. Eat Pilipit even in ordinary days like strolling inside the mall, taking a test in school, while surfing the internet etc. Mind you, Marky's Pilipit will be your quick remedy for hunger. I highly recommend it.

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