Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Katinko Ointment

One of the chinese ointment I tried is Katinko. It is a green menthol formulated ointment that is said to be a good relief for a person who is experiencing muscle pain, toothache, headache and even stomachache. Yes, I tried to used this pain relieverIt was recommended to me by a colleague.

This menthol formulated ointment brings a quick relief however it will just be temporary. It does not cure muscle pains constantly. This chinese ointment can only give a pacifying effect to any external pains of the body but not to cure. I can testify to that, because I still did take some medication one time I suffered from muscle pains.

It isn't also pleasing to my sense of smell. Moreover, it also can bring a burning sensation when you accidentally spread it near your eyes or your nostrils. Here is an advice, just apply a small amount of this ointment to avoid the burning effect.

Katinko is a cheap brand of chinese ointment available in all leading pharmacies here in the Philippines. Although the product is quite effective, just to reiterate, don't expect that your muscle pains can be cured permanently. Well for a non-costly brand of ointment, it is expected that you will get less benefit. What do you think?

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  1. i have to say katinko is the best ointment i have ever come across i found a jar of katinko under the floorboards of a house i was tearing dound i didnt know what it was but i put it in my pocket later i took it out open it smelled it it cleared up my sinuses and have used it ever sience for every thing think you