Monday, June 7, 2010

Weebly Made Web Creation So Easy

You have the option to read this article via my Bukisa page : Weebly Made Web Creation So Easy

With its easy to use interface, plenty of cool themes and lots of fantastic widgets to just drag and drop...Weebly is definitely the place to create websites so hassle-free. And the good news is, I and you can access their service for free.

As a beginner I find weebly the easiest to use. The panel has a drag and drop system, so choosing widget you wish to put in your web is so easy to do. Having a free account in weebly gave me chance to create two free sites and use some of their awesome widgets such as photos, contact form, custom html, google adsense integration, and other multimedia like adding files, photo gallery, flash, google maps etc.

Upgrading your account is so affordable, in fact, I tried to buy their pro membership last year and I was happy for the service. I just decided to shut down the site because I am no longer happy promoting paid to click websites. Remember, clickmarbin dot com ( for those who know me in the web ). So you may want to choose pro membership, here are what you gonna get; password protected pages, create 10 sites per account, 100 mb file uploads, a 25usd google adwords, premium support and a lot more. And I enjoyed all these for only a reasonable price.

Are you a newbie in online business and wanted to create a website but is not techie enough to make one? Try weebly, they made web creation so easy...I highly recommend it.

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