Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Talk 'N Text Gaan Txt 10 Plus

Talk 'N Text is a company that offers cellular services in the Philippines. There are other big names in this industry but I must say that this company captures the middle class market. It is because their promos and offers are real affordable particularly their prepaid deals. One of those deals are their Talk 'N Text Gaan Txt 10 Plus.

Talk 'N Text Gaan Txt 10 Plus is their most recent promo. For as low as 10 pesos a day, you can have as much as 40 text messages to your love ones using the same network. So it means that you only spend less than a peso each message sent. It is a pretty good deal but one disadvantage using the service is the expiration date. Yes, the load is only good for a day. So if you think you don't need much of a prepaid credit in a day. I suggest you go for the regular load that has longer validity instead or try other unli text promo

I am not a Talk 'N Text loyal subscriber. In fact, I just only use this if I need to text a lot. Probably this is a deal that was designed for text addicts , maybe for youngsters who can afford to do texting in a day. 

So think of the affordability, this promo is a good try. But think of the validity, I'll just go for a better deal instead.

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