Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It is perfectly crispy, outrageously yummy, and the saltiness is totally addictive. Yes, you're right I am talking about Pringles Chips. I don't know why all the flavors of Pringles is so mouth-watering. One thing I know the ingredients has something that you will surely crave for more and ask for more. Once you pop you just can't stop! Aside from the plain one, the flavors of pizza, sour cream and onion, and the hot and spicy are my favorites.

Pringles is not a local brand of chips. So in my country, it is pricey to buy this. But thanks to the manufacturers because they recently launched Pringles in small packs that is more affordable but never it compromise the quality of the taste.

Whenever I have outdoor activities that I need to attend, outings or out of town meetings. I make sure that my favorite chips are inside my backpack. And one of those chips is Pringles.

One small pack of pringles is not enough to satisfy my cravings. So if budget allows me to buy the regular can, I do. Besides, it is worth the money. I forget about being frugal when I see Pringles chips staring at me while standing in the grocery shelves.

And for health buffs, they will surely miss one tasty chips that they should try. It's Pringles, I highly recommend it.

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  1. One of my favorite Pringles. When I was a child I love the original pringles but now I like to taste different flavors of it