Friday, June 4, 2010

Piattos Cheese Flavored Potato Crisps

When I say hexagon shape cheese flavored potato crisps...there should be only one great snack that has that mouth-watering flavor in every bite. Yes, it's Piattos. This chip is included in my fave junk food when snack time. So yes, I am not a health buff to stay away with this tasty potato crisps.

Piattos is now available in variety of flavors. You may try roadhouse bbq, roast beef, nacho pizza and sour cream and onion. But one flavor remains my top choice, the classic cheese flavor. Piattos may appear a bit pricey compare to other brand of potato crisps but if you think of the taste, some may agree with me that I will choose Piattos than those cheap brands of cheese chips. It's light, crispy and delicious, these are how I can describe the taste. It is truly an awesome eating habit when you grab a bite of Piattos during snack time. Me, I just can't afford myself not to eat Piattos. I will surely miss the flavor if I do. But for sure, never will I.

Its not just me who loves Piattos, even one of your friends and even you have already tried it once,twice,thrice or more than that in your lifetime. And rarely do I heard some negative remarks about the flavor, unless you eat one after its expiration date. Just kidding aside.

So how do you plan to eat Piattos in your snack time today? Will you add some flavor by dipping it in a small plate of mayo or just melt it in your mouth as it is? Whatever your plan maybe, one thing for sure, you'll enjoy every bite of it and you'll ask for another pack. Piattos, I highly recommend it...for junkfood eaters like me.

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