Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt

Nestle has launched their own version of Fruit Selection Yogurt in the Philippines few years ago. Several t.v commercials and brand ad campaigns were done to promote the product, to introduce Yogurt as a healthy and yummy food for all ages. It was tough enough for Nestle to introduce this to filipino market because many of us has this perception that Yogurt is a sour food to taste, and this misconception makes Nestle work hard to market Yogurt brand in the Philippines.

One time, I was doing groceries when I saw a booth conducting a free Nestle Yogurt food tasting. The promo attendant was explaining the benefits of Yogurt. And if I remember it right, she said that Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt is a healthy product composing of probiotics that helps your stomach keep away from bad bacterias. So its like Yakult that has good bacteria, making our digestive system works in good condition. Curious and tempted, I joined the line-up of people to get the free sample of Nestle Yogurt. When I got mine, the first impression that I have was the Yogurt looks so delicious. The smell is so fruity that it made me rush scoop it. And when the Yogurt melted in my mouth, there is only one word to describe the taste. It is outrageously mouth-watering. The fruit bits adds sweetness to the original taste of a Yogurt. Well, it is perfectly flavorful. Because of that I was convinced to buy a pack of Yogurt. It is a bit pricey but its fine if you consider the taste and the health benefits.

Nestle has done effective ad campaigns that even me got thrilled to try Yogurt. And I am sure, that through word of mouth, fruit selection yogurt will be one of the preferred healthy foods of Filipinos years or even months from now. Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt is highly recommendable for all ages.

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  1. I love the Buko Nata, Melon Nata and Mango flavors!!