Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kremil-S Chewable Tablet

I was able to try Kremil-S chewable tablet last time that I had a hyperacidity. This is not actually the branded medicine I use to take whenever I feel a pain sensation in my stomach. I just have no option that day but just to try it as an alternative. I remember that I got one of this tablet in my backpack when someone in the mall gave me this as part of their brand ad campaign or some sort of a promo. To cut the story short, yes I used it.

So it is really chewy and I can even take it without drinking a glass of water. And yes, it gives a quick relief. It has no side effects at all, I did not feel dizziness, headaches, being sleepy and what not. It's just effective and it is pretty impressive. The reaction is so quick, I felt my stomach back to its normal function after just an hour.

Just an F.Y.I Kremil-S has been in the market for quite a while now. It is one of the top choice of many when it comes to hyperacidity. It does include aluminum hydroxide, magnesium and simethicone, and those elements that can cure hyperacidity or upper abdominal pain so quick. 

With that I can say that Kremil-S really works. It is best alternative to the brand I used, or can I say, another branded medicine now included in my top choice. I highly recommend it. 

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