Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kamay Kainan Buffet in Market Market

One of my cousins already graduated from college. And because this is a celebration. My aunt treated us a big meal in Kamay Kainan Buffet Restaurant. We visited the brand in Market Market Taguig.

Kamay Kainan is a dining spot well known for its all-you-can-eat menu. So for a small budget of less than 300 pesos you can already eat different types of dishes, salads and desserts. And take note, all those are so appealing to everybody's palate. The filipino dishes prepared in the buffet table are so delightful, flavorful and yummy. And what's good about all-you-can-eat is the fact that you can go back to the buffet table, pick the food you like and eat it as much as your stomach can. 

The Kamay Kainan Restaurant is a simple place but very elegant in a filipino style interior design. So aside from the dishes, you will also feel comfortable dining in this place that is so clean and sanitized. The food attendants are so friendly and very accommodating. We will surely visit back this place for another nice dining experience. I highly recommend it. 

Kamay Kainan Restaurant has a branch located at
Market Market Mall Fort Bonifacio Taguig Metro Manila Philippines 

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  1. Does the buffet have a limited time?

  2. I want to try to eat on this Kamay Kainan Buffet in Market Market Makati; thus, I know that their food was very delicious. I will also refer this to my friend. Thank you.