Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gardenia Whole Wheat Bread

Eating whole wheat bread brings nutritional benefits than white breads. But despite of its health benefits, I still prefer to eat white breads. I like it when I spread mayo or strawberry jam in it. And I love it when I slightly dip the white bread in a hot yummy chocolate, so with that my breakfast is totally complete. Yes, it maybe a fact that I prefer the taste of white bread over the nutrition I can get from a whole wheat bread. But when I discover the good taste of Gardenia Whole Wheat Bread, my preference has changed. 

The taste of Gardenia is so extraordinary than those other whole wheat bread in the market. It is light brown in color, soft and freshly packed. In fact, I can eat this bread even without yummy spreads. But of course, I still enjoy its taste when I fill it with spreads, peanut butter will do. I also have other ways to eat gardenia bread, I sometimes put star margarine garlic flavor in it and toast it. It's real flavorful. I also do use this gardenia bread in preparing a home made pizza. Totally yummy. 

A pack of Gardenia is a bit pricey compare to white breads. But take my word for it, you will surely don't want to miss its taste, its softness and freshness. It's worth to spend money for it. And I highly recommend it.

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  1. Have you tried Walter's bread?

  2. this is always in our grocery list!! love it too with peanut butter or any of my fave spreads :D

  3. It actually tastes better than walter's "double" wheat bread. :\