Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fruitas Kiosk Selling Fresh Fruit Shake

So I already wrote here a story about how I love to drink milk shakes. But today, you'll discover that I also love to drink fresh fruit shakes. And I first tasted a delicious one in a kiosk named Fruitas. 

Walking around the mall can be tiring sometimes so then I prefer to drink fresh fruit shake if this is the case. And only Fruitas Kiosk can give that frosty blend of fruits. A variety of fruit mixes can be choose from ; mango with melon, 4 seasons, watermelon, banana and more...all are deliciously nutritious as fruits can be a good source of vitamins. So after I emptied a large cup of fresh fruitas, I say one more. Again, the taste is naturally sweet, refreshing and cool.

And you don't need to be so frugal to avail a one healthy fresh fruit shake 'coz Fruitas sell all their variety of flavors in a very affordable price. A 35.00 pesos can already buy a medium cup.

Fruitas is the first kiosk in the Philippines that has a concept of selling fresh fruit shakes. That is what I know, and because they're the first to do it, competitors tried to copy the concept but failed to beat the original flavor of Fruitas. So if you plan of getting a franchise business, Fruitas is highly recommendable.

Fruitas is almost in every mall near your town. In our place, it has a branch in Robinson's Place Imus. On that note, strolling inside the mall can never be tiring as before now that Fruitas can offer you to satisfy your thirst. Their fresh fruit shakes are my favorites and I highly recommend it.

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