Friday, May 28, 2010

Watsons Your Personal Store

Watsons is now in the Philippines. The owners of SM Supermarket has a franchise of this well known personal store worldwide. So if you are inside SM and you're in need of personal items ; medicine, toiletries, make-ups,food and beverages etc, there is one place you can visit. It's Watson.

I am not actually a regular customer of Watsons. But I visit this store whenever I am strolling in SM Mall and I feel that I am in need of medicine. As a consumer, I am fine with their customer engagement. They are very pleasant and very approachable. I also love the fact that Watsons also offer their cosmetic items, toiletries, food and beverages at a very low price. 

I also like that the items are properly arrange as always whenever I visit this store. I can easily find the item that I am looking for because they have shelves and stands arrange and items are displayed their according to its category. And besides, there are the friendly attendant willing to go beyond the extra mile to make their customer satisfied.

With its effort to continue in giving quality products and good customer service engagement. Watsons Philippines will surely have its way to be one of  the top choice pharmacy in the country.

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