Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rexona Deodorant

One of my friend has this body odor, I am his closest friend that's why whenever someone are badmouthing on her, I feel sad. That's why I frankly advised her to use a deodorant. She said that she is using a deodorant already but she don't know why her armpit still stinks. I convinced her to switch to another brand. She followed my advised and use Rexona Deodorant.

Honestly, I am not using Rexona or any other brand of deodorant. But I can still managed to have a fresh smell without the use of it. I was just amazed by their effective t.v commercial that is why I got an idea to recommend this to my friend. And besides, their latest mini-stick of Rexona Deodorant is undeniably cheaper than other brands. And when my friend started applying Rexona, she asked me if I can still smell her body odor, I told her she smells better compare to before and I am honest about that. She told me that she started applying  Rexona deodorant after her bath and she never miss a single day without applying it. On that note, I can say that Rexona is an effective and affordable brand of deodorant. 

As of today, I never heard anyone saying bad remarks about my friend. She was completely recover from body odor. Her personal hygiene really improves, and I am happy that there's one affordable deodorant that helps her to stay away from a stinky smell. Rexona Deodorant, I highly recommend it.

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