Monday, May 31, 2010

Q22 Duo Myphone

My friend gave me his Q22 Duo because he already got a new one. So yes, this review is all about it. The phone looks so sophisticated in its black and red color, the qwerty keypad makes it look more appealing and will surely thrill someone to grab this kind of phone. It is slim and light, seems all the physical feature of the phone looks so amazing and enticing plus the fact that this phone is so affordable for all walks of life.

But to tell you honestly , the Q22 duo myphone is just one of the weakest phone when it comes to specs and quality. The camera function has a very low resolution, it produces blurry pictures which sad to say, you can't even show-off to your online friends. The video recording is also slow and not producing real time captures. The audio also is too loud to the point that it may sound crappy. I can't even customize my theme which is the very poor feature of the phone. The only thing I like about it is the battery that can last for almost a week.

Anyway, I have to like it simply because I got it from my friend for free. Who does not want a free phone though. So I used it for a month and gave it to my cousin who broke his phone just recently. Are you planning to buy a new mobile phone? Q22 Duo? Better think twice.

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  1. this is my phone now and sadly its not worth it..