Tuesday, May 11, 2010


More than having a new celfone or latest gadget in the market, I would prefer to buy books. I love books, though I don't have a particular subject that I prefer to read. Fiction or non fiction, it doesn't matter to me, as long as it is interesting to read and I feel the enjoyment reading it. I also don't have a particular place where I prefer to read books, quiet or not , I can finish reading a short novel in just one sitting. That is how I am addicted to books. If the book is too expensive, there's one place in town where I can read it for free. What's that place ? It's Powerbooks. 

When I was still working at a call center in Makati, 3 hours before my shift starts , I regularly visiting Powerbooks Greenbelt Branch. The reason is that they are the only bookstore that allows you to sit in their couches while reading their books for free. The concept of the store is similar to a library where nobody will disturb you in reading. But of course, if its closing time, you need to leave and by the way, don't bring the book at home unless you bought it. 

I prefer to buy books in Powerbooks than National Bookstore eventhough the price is more expensive. It is because customer service in Powerbooks Store is superb, people here are nice, friendly and very accomodating. One time I am looking for the book of Rich Dad Poor Dad, the sales representative helped me to find it quickly, and for other books that I am looking for, she assisted me in the kiosk where you can digitally find the books your searching for. 

So are you a book lover just like me? Want to read books comfortably or are you seeking to buy books in a bookstore with a friendly staff ? Powerbooks, I highly recommend it.


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