Friday, May 7, 2010


I was seeking for ways on how I can send and receive cash online when I found a web portal named Paypal. Because of many good reviews about it, I was convinced that this payment processor is very reliable and user-friendly. For internet money maker like me , who make extra income through blogging and affiliate marketing.

I can say that Paypal is a big help on me. Like others who are new in internet business , I also been skeptical in using paypal, I thought that it is not a good idea to reveal your debit card information online but paypal prove me wrong. My debit card information is still securely stored in my paypal account and no merchants are capable to see it. Indeed, paypal is a good way to hide your debit card information making your online purchasing safe and secure.

Withdrawing my paypal money is not a hard thing to do. All you need to do is to link your visa debit card,pay a low fee and you're good. Just wait at least 5 days to see the money save in your debit card. So far, what I am using is the Union Bank Eon Card.

In my three years of using paypal, I have never experience any technical problems or what not. And for sure, if some problems will occur , I know that they can resolve it immediately. Come to think of it, paypal is an established company that of course have a good customer service department to attend on every issues.

Because of my good experience using the service. I am giving paypal a two thumbs up. Definitely , the most highly recommendable payment processors for online shoppers and internet money makers.


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