Monday, May 31, 2010

Oishi Prawn Crackers Spicy Flavor

The spice is real hot, its salty taste is outrageously flavorful, it is so addictive that after emptying a one pack of it I will tend to buy another one just to satisfy my cravings. What is this that I am talking about ? It is the Oishi Spicy Prawn Crackers.

For only 6 pesos, you can already have a small pack of Oishi Prawn Crakers. Yes, this is so affordable but never it compromise the quality of the taste. If you are looking for a salty and spicy snack, this is surely a good flavor to try. 
Oishi is a brand well known in the snack industry. By its name Oishi which means delicious in japanese, all its product are indeed flavorful and mouth-watering. Good for all shapes and sizes and will surely love by kids, young mavericks and the young at hearts. Oishi Prawn Crakers, I highly recommend it.

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  1. im eating some right now.these things have 0 trans fat,and only 7 grams of fat per bag.Delicious! only $.80 in Canada.