Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nestle Coco Krunch

 We Filipinos will choose a heavy breakfast of having omelet and rice in the table than trying to eat other healthy foods like whole grains and oats. Most of us will find it incomplete when there is no rice in the table. It is our super source of energy. But Filipino kids nowadays want to try something new to their taste, it maybe because the great influence of  television make there preference different from before. Like my young sibling, I was surprised when he said he want to eat Nestle Coco Krunch.

Nestle Coco Krunch is a U.S based product as far as I know, and I learned that it is made of whole grain. It is a healthy food that boost energy as it compose of fibers, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. All elements are enough to make one's body energized for the day. We don't buy this product before, but like I've said its animated t.v commercial is really so enticing for kids that it made me convinced to buy one for my young sibling.

Crunchy, yummy and filled with chocolate, this is how it was described in the t.v ads. And honestly, my young sibling enjoy it and asked me to buy another pack after it was emptied. He likes to have it partnered with milk than pouring it in it. This is because he wants to taste the crunchiness of the Coco Krunch.

Everything is perfect about Nestle Coco Krunch but the price is too costly. I will still choose to have a heavy breakfast for us than buying it regularly to local groceries. But overall, Nestle Coco Krunch is a recommended healthy food for kids and young mavericks.

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