Wednesday, May 12, 2010

McDonald's Crispy Chicken Fillet

100 pesos for my travel expenses, 100 pesos for my meal, 50 for emergency expenses for the day...this was how hard I budget my money when I was still working in Makati. Yes, if you thought that all employees in this city has extravagant life you are actually given a misleading fact. Let me tell you for almost five years of work as a call center agent, my salary aren't enough to supplement mine and my family basic needs. That was the reason why I learn to budget my money. In fact, in choosing my lunch that time, I prefer to buy the McDonald's Crispy Chicken Fillet with Rice than their classic Chicken Mcdo. Cheaper than the latter but still flavorful. 

When compare to Chicken Mcdo it's true that the Crispy Chicken Fillet is smaller but if you notice the first one is just bony that it makes it look bigger than the fillet. Well in fact, I can appreciate more the taste of the real chicken when it's boneless, at least I will not have a hard time eating the chicken's flesh. And did I say the breading makes the Chicken Mcdo appearance bigger? True. Bottomline is, despite of being small, Mcdo chicken fillet proves that it can still satisfy my hunger after a long day in the office.

Now that I am no longer a full-time employee, I am missing to eat this low budget meal in Mcdo, this 50 pesos meal really been part of my adventure to save more money in the future. It is really value meal. McDonald's Crispy Chicken Fillet, I love it.


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  4. i work in makati now. and yes, budgeting is an art for employees like us. we have to be careful where we spend it. i personally order that (mcdo fillet), sometimes the chowking 49ers and not to mention jollibee's 39ers! :)

    just dropping by ^_^

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