Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ivory Body Wash

I stayed for a week in my cousin's house, they came back home for good after a long year of staying in the U.S. So I need to do my bathing and use their brand of soap available. They are actually using a body wash packed in a handy bottle, the name of it is Ivory.

Ivory is a brand of soap that I never use but well, I just have to. In all fairness, the fragrance of the soap is not as strong other branded soap available in the local market. It has a natural scent of smell that is so appealing in my sense of smell. And when you begin applying it, I must say that it only brings smoothness and brightness to the skin. My skin turned smoother after using the Ivory body wash for that day, and with the refreshing smell it gives to my body, what more can I ask for. Ivory Body Wash is a perfect soap for all skin type.

I told my aunt that I enjoyed using their body wash so she gave me a bottle of it that I can use for three weeks. I used the body wash day and night and as expected, Ivory Body Wash never fail me in giving only the natural fragrance and clearness to my body and skin. I highly recommend it.

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