Friday, May 21, 2010

Credit Card Debt Collector Job

I admit, I defaulted one of my credit cards and experienced being harassed on the phone by this so called credit card debt collectors. At first, I was very intimidated by their yelling until I found out that this should not be the case. I am glad that I found one filipino blog that helps credit card defaulter . From reading the posted articles there, I understand that credit card debt collector can't do nothing but just to scare me.

Now I know that defaulting my credit card is not a criminal case so it won't affect my N.B.I records. I   heard many lies from different credit card debt collectors and here are some you may want to know :

1. Being accused of violating RA 8484. This is a lie, this law is only for those people who defraud credit cards. People who uses fake identity to get a credit card. On that note, it is a baloney statement that they are accusing me of this criminal case to think that my only mistake is I just can't pay my debts.

2. They texted me and say I already have warrant of arrest and I should pay my debt in full in 5 days. It scared me but realization freed me from paranoia. Come to think of it, if you're a criminal, will you not leave your house immediately after hearing that you already have warrant of arrest? For your information, warrant of arrest is given by the authority in a surprise visit not in text or over the phone. And besides, this is just serve for people who does have criminal cases not civil cases.

3. They keep on calling me, hearing bad words from them almost everyday. My advise, just let them do it, and once their done tell them that you will pay only if they will file this case in court. Because in the court, everything will be legal and fair.

These are not the only threats that I heard from them, there's more and its countless. But I am not afraid of them no more. Now that I know my right as a debtor. If in case that you experience threats and harassment from a credit card debt collector here in the Philippines, you can file a complaint against them for violating BSP Circular No. 454.

By the way, are you looking for a decent job? If yes, you may now remove Credit Card Debt Collector Job in your list.
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