Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It is creamier, it is thicker and perhaps it is more chocolatey...this is Cream-O! My favorite cream-filled chocolate sandwich cookies. One 6 peso pack of Cream-O has three cookies inside, prepare to dip it to a glass of milk and you will surely have a yummy breakfast. 

Cream-O is a Jack and Jill brand, no doubt that this brand of cookies become the top choice of many kids and young mavericks. More than the famous name it carries, is the quality biscuits it offers. The Cream-O comes in two flavors ; chocolate and vanilla, both are yummy cookies that you will surely ask for more. Aside from dipping it in milk, I also like the crunchiness when I sprinkle it around a frosty ice cream. The sweetness is perfect and it does have the addictive content that makes it appealing to the appetite.  It is outrageously mouth-watering.

Just an F.Y.I. Cream-O is manufactured by Universal Robina Corporation located at 110E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue Libis Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines. 

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