Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Centrum Multivitamins

My work as a call center agent was too stressful that's why I decided to focus on my business and resigned from this work after 5 years. Night shift, endless talking for 8 hours, hearing complaints and what not are the things I don't want to experience again for the rest of my life. I am now happy as a self employed individual, I own my time, I manage my own business and I feel complete. By the way, there's one multivitamins that helps me to stay enthusiastic and strong for since that five stressful years and up to by now, Centrum Multivitamins.

Before I wasn't taking vitamins to keep me energetic for the day. I can work like a horse for long hours. Until one time I always feel dizzy and dry. It came to a point that I was easily get tired from work and end up seeing myself lying in our clinic. I often feel the exhaustion after my 8 hours shift of work. That time I feel I need to take some vitamins to bring back the energy I have before. Until I learned from a colleague that he is taking Centrum Multivitamins. He proved to me that it is effective everytime I saw him very enthusiastic in taking calls. Another thing that influenced me to take Centrum was the amazing t.v commercial.Yet sometimes, t.v ads are quite deceiving and too good to be true. But this time, Centrum prove me wrong. When I started taking it, I immediately feel its effectiveness. This A to Zinc vitamins is really effective making me strong, energetic and alive at work. Although the price is too costly, I always see to it that I have it available to consume.

Now that I am no longer working for a full time job. It does not mean that I am free from stress and hectic schedules. But I worry no more, because there's one multivatimin that I could depend on. Centrum, it makes me feel complete.

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