Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ceelin Ascorbic Acid

My aunt is very particular when it comes to the wellness of her family. I admire her for being such a good mom for her 3 year old kid. I saw her daily how she nurtures her babies. From bathing them, feeding them healthy foods, and giving them the right amount of vitamins. And speaking of vitamins, I noticed that their is one branded vitamin C she used for her 3 year old son. The name of it is Ceelin.

Ceelin is an ascorbic acid that was prescribe by her pediatrician for her child nourishment. As it is contains vitamins C that helps protect her kid from getting sickness like fever, flu, cough and colds. Ceelin also helps kid's immune system function well.

My aunt told me that prior to using Ceelin she was using other branded ascorbic acid for her kid but it did not work well. And when she learned that Ceelin works wonder for her kid, she stick to buying it eventhough the price is higher than the first one she bought. In all fairness, my cousin now is rarely getting sickness as compare to before. On that note, Ceelin is really effective.

Moms always want what's best for their kids. They will do everything just to make sure that their kids are healthy and protected. Ceelin Ascorbic Acid, recommended by certified moms.

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