Thursday, May 20, 2010

Carica Virgin Coconut Oil

An energy booster? This is the first thing I read about the use of Virgin Coconut Oil. And when people started to blast the good news about the use of it, my mom was the first one to be thrilled and asked me to buy one in the market. I actually had a hard time finding it in the grocery or pharmacy until I saw one name selling Virgin Coconut Oil. It is Carica.

Carica Virgin Coconut Oil is rarely seen in t.v. It actually has no media exposure and never did I see the brand in billboards, tarpaulin banners or what not. So I've actually have no idea how the Carica brand of virgin coconut oil becomes a crow favorite. For those people who believes in its effectiveness, I must say that word of mouth is the reason why it becomes one of the trusted brand of Virgin Coconut Oil.

When my dad started taking it day and night and when the effect becomes visible to him, that's the time I was convinced that Carica Virgin Coconut Oil is really effective. I saw how my dad enthusiasm to do his daily activities now compare to before that he immediately get exhausted even after just a few hours of exercise. He also has no negative remarks about its taste because it's naturally flavorful.

Wanting to buy an affordable energy booster, stay young and energetic? Carica Virgin Coconut Oil, I highly recommend it.

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