Monday, May 10, 2010

Avon Sales Representative

These days, who does not want to earn an extra income on top of your full time salary ? I must say all of us would love to have it. I know, because I feel the same thing. I remember, when I wasn't familiar yet in making money online I seek for part time jobs to increase my monthly income. I felt that my salary from the my first job in a local radio station in our province wasn't enough to pay my household expenses. I am not the breadwinner in the family but I have some obligations to help them at least. Until one colleague recommended me to try a sales job in Avon. 

I was convinced to try being a sales representative for avon. One factor that influenced me to grab this opportunity was my passion in selling and marketing. Though I wasn't a graduate of a business course, I knew to myself that I was capable for the job. Another reason was, I can do it part-time in any places even in my neighborhood. It maybe odd to see a guy selling cosmetic product but because I would like to have an extra income, I don't mind it at all. 

In my first week of promoting avon, I was able to have my regular clients. Most of them are close friends, relatives and neighbors. At first , it turned to be profitable , I was able to sell lots of cosmetic items, clothes and make-ups, with the help of my mom, we made almost 3.000 pesos extra income. But as clients became one regular buyers, my mom and I saw the disadvantage of promoting Avon. Some clients turned to be a bad borrowers, some of them did not pay us until the day I decided to stop involving myself in this job. It is too late for me to realized, selling of Avon is not for me, it is a waste of my time and effort.

So do you still want to be a Sales Representative for Avon, are you encourage from their t.v commercial saying that you can earn money even at the comfort of your own home? Avon sales job, better think twice.

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