Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What Can You Say About Triond ?

After I got scammed from joining paid to click websites, I looked for other ways to earn online. I know that internet money making does not end from joining ptcs. I know it has a variety to offer. Opportunities that are better than paid to click websites. Money making websites that are free to join. I started from scratch, this time, I told myself that I will only join money making sites that does not require a membership fee nor an investment. Until I found Triond in the web.

Triond is a web portal where you can earn money by simply submitting valuable contents such as text article, photos and videos. Triond has a promising offer, you can earn from the number of pageviews your content has generated. For example, if your content has 1,000 pageviews, you maybe earning up to or more than $1.00.

At first I thought that it will be hard for me to earn in Triond, but it's low minimum payout $0.50 convinced me to try it. Secondly, there is nothing to lose, no money to invest and no membership fee to join. To date, I already have 40 articles in triond and 20 original photos submitted. I also promote my triond content to different social networking sites, ad marketplaces and in all my blogsites to increase my pageviews. No regrets , because all my perseverance and smart work was rewarded by Triond. I got paid the first time $ 19.22. Not a big penny but is enough to prove that Triond works and paying it's members.

Now I am nearing my second payout in Triond. And guess what, it's much bigger than the first one. I am about to received $37.00 from this legitimate money making website. On that note, I can say that Triond is one of the best way to make real money online. If you love writing, I highly recommend you to join Triond.


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