Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Union Bank Eon Card

I am always using Union Bank Eon Card in withdrawing paypal moneys. This is because I am very satisfied with how fast the service is. If you are earning money online just like me and you are residing in the Philippines, I suggest you apply for a Union Eon Card.

The application to get this debit card is an easy process. Just bring at least two valid ids and you're good. You will be guided by the bank representative in linking your Union bank eon card to your paypal account. In less than two weeks, depend on the branch maybe, you may re visit the bank to get the card or wait for the delivery.

By the way, 350.00 pesos will be charged on your first year of using the card and it will be automatically deducted to your savings.

Union Eon is so powerful that you can access your savings account using their web portal. You can also use this debit visa card to purchase anything online. Moreover, you can also do an autopay for your phone and electric bills by just allowing them to access your billing accounts.

With regard to customer service, I can say that Union Bank has the friendliest and very accomodating bank representatives. They go beyond the extra miles just to satisfy the needs of their customers. Even their email support team and phone customer service agents are very reliable and dependable.

Ultimately, Union Bank and their Eon Card is highly recommendable for your banking needs.



  1. UnionBank of the PhilippinesJune 22, 2010 at 10:35 PM

    Thanks for this review,we really appreciate it:)
    Anyway we just want you to know that if ever you have concerns regarding anything about UnionBank, we will be very much willing to assist you. You can post a message on our facebook fan page at or follow us on twitter at
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    Thanks a lot!
    UnionBank of the Philippines

  2. The card makes online payments more accessible.