Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Review About Aegis People Support Philippines

It's almost past 4 months since my last day in Aegis People Support. I admit that even if I am earning a decent income online at the comfort of my own home, I still miss the workplace there especially my acquaintances.

Aegis People Support has three offshore contact centers here in the Philippines. If you like a job in a customer service field, perhaps this is such a good workplace for you. If you think that it's that hard to be hired in here, you're just being pessimistic. Fact is, as long as you have a good communication skills, multi tasking ability, and a 30 wpm typing're good! Let me tell you, it is just confidence that gave me a chance to work inside this call center.

Moreover, Aegis People Support has a lot to offer for their employees; good compensation, incentives, and  valuable healthcare benefits. In addition to that, they also organize parties for their employees during christmas and special celebrations. 

The only thing that I think Aegis People Support needs to improve on is their ability to provide some recreations for their employees. It would be good if they can provide internet access in their pantries. Other than that, Aegis People Support is a perfect workplace gauranteed.


  1. Aegis PeopleSupport is the worst BPO that ever happen to BAguio Site. the Site HR Manager Baguio Site and Facilities Manager Manila Site are so un prfoessional and it's trigger the attrition of many employees.