Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Rcbc Tower in Makati

Have you already visited the RCBC tower?I just went there yesterday to visit a friend. This building is in Makati near Aegis People Support and Convergys.

I don't have much bad comments about this tower because everything here seems to be perfect. You are really secured to enter this building. There are lot of k9 dogs together with the guards roaming around, almost everywhere in the building.

While waiting for my friend, I enjoy visiting the tower because it has a lot to offer. Located in the second floor is my favorite coffee shop, Starbucks, there is also a gym, the well know Fitness First, convenience store, restaurants and other kiosk that offers food, magazines and books. The tower is really clean and well sanitized. It has sanitizers in every floor of the tower, specially near the elevators and escalators. Located in the 4th floor is a chapel for catholics.

For employment opportunities, there are a lot of call centers inside wherein you can try to submit an application as they accept daily walk-in applicants.

Just one thing I notice about this tower are the personnels or staff assign in guest relations like the guards. They must learn how to smile and enjoy their job. Other than that, RCBC tower is a nice place to visit specially when your working in Makati.


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