Thursday, April 1, 2010

Philippine's First Automated Election

It is hard for me to understand why many of us Filipino are so afraid to get out of the comfort zone. They want to stick to the old school election and is not accepting the comelec's automated election. How this country can progress, if we are always doubtful on what the higher authority is doing for us. Let's all move on! let's give them a chance to make this election as clean as we want it to be. Let's just focus on investigating who among those candidates worth your vote. Let's accept the automated election and let the comelec or the authority handle it for us. I heard from the news last night that the comelec is now doing their road shows as part of their awareness campaign for the first automated election in the Philippines. This is quite good, because I feel that many of us would like to know how easy it is to use. The key to a clean election here in the Philippiens is trust and honesty. I hope the next president of our country, whoever that person is...will be the one to make our country progress like the other asian countries.

It is too painful for me to see that we are left behind by Japan, China and Korea. We need to catch up. I know we can do it. We just need to be united. I believe that this automated election is just a start and indeed a good start towards a better Philippines in the next years to come.



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